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Company profile


Company profile

Jointek Fine Wines Company Ltd. was found in 1988, and is a world renown brand sprite distributor in China along with Martell, Remy, Hennessy and Chivas Regal etc. From 1996 onwards, it has focused on imported wine business development, both in wholesales channel and on & off trade channels in the China market, it set up its headquarters in Hong Kong to fully oversee worldwide operations and became the first Hong Kong enterprise selling imported wines to the China Market. It has gained a great reputation in the wine industries of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia

After nearly 30 years of business development in imported wine industry, Jointek has become one of the largest importers of imported wines in China, in addition to being the biggest buyer of wines from Bordeaux, France over the last 10 years. Moreover, Jointek is not only the most authoritative fine wine trader in China by having a solid & strategic co-operation with the worldwide top winery of Chateau ,but also, taking the leading position in the China liqueur industry with invaluable operation experiences in both the sprit and wine industries and having a national sales network

Looking forward, Jointek maintains a professional & sincere attitude, listening to the needs of both clients and consumers, managing the imported wine business based on customer value and allowing easy consumer access to imported good wine and providing enjoyment by wine tasting with culture inspiration.

Our vision; Jointek will be the model in the imported good wine industry in China by maintaining constant developments ,improvements and innovation; Additionally, being the best partner to suppliers, alliance business and trade fields; and being the leading enterprise with social responsibilities to a healthy growing wine industry .

Company's Honour

With professional service of “One-Stop Shopping” on product quality control from producer to consumer , Jointek has gained consumer recognition as well as a very good reputation in wine industry in China. Therefore, Jointek has received many rewards in recent years, being :

“Ten Years Contributions to Bordeaux” Granted by CIVB (Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux

“Annual Importer of wines from Bordeaux” Granted by CIVB (Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux

“Excellent Marketing Wine Merchant 2016”

“The Best Wines Importer 2016”

“The Most Favourable Wines Importer “

“The Best Wines Supplier of China”

Positioning of Vice Chairman of Association of Alcohol Guangdong

“The Most Infusive Supplier in China”

“The Most Trustworthy Alcohol Chain Shop”

The Enthusiastic Trading Enterprise on programs for public good

【The Certificate of Recommended Importer】issued by Chateau Margaux for years


“The Famous Branded Enterprise of Alcohol industry Guangdong” for years

“ The Sample Enterprise of Trustworthy Alcohol selling, Guangdong” for years

“The Experts of Australian Wines in Wines Industry China, The Importer as well as the distributor “ Certified by exports from Wines Authority Bureau, Australia for years

The Chairman of Jointek Business Holdings LTD gained the title of “2015 The MAN with Meritorious Service”

Our Mission

Enhance the overall living style for our customers & consumers !

Carrying the mission of enhancing the overall living style for our customers and consumers, every year Jointek holds, on average, over 300 activities training consumers on wine knowledge through varied training course and tasting events

Supported by many famous chateaus of wines worldwide, Jointek has organized a lot of events on fine wines tasting in China, including Chateau Margaux、Chateau Haut-Brion、Chateau Guiraud 、Chateau Leoville Las Cases

Besides,Jointek has also arranged different and creative theme parties related to wine from delicate wine tasting to large theme celebration to chateau tours, bringing and introducing customers and consumers to the wine culture.

Moreover, Jointek has launched a customized service to entertain customer, such as arranging a personal social diner event with good wine and great food which allows consumer to relish life in a relaxing dinner atmosphere.; Beyond that, Jointek also could provide the services of cellar design and decoration to customer leading them more easily into the wine world.

Jointek’s VIP privileged guest tour of a Chateau is organized annually by Jointek ,and where the wine culture can be experienced personally in famous wine producing areas over the world.

Our Vision

To Widely Promote Wine Culture !

Today the wine industry is developing rapidly in China and Jointek plans to be a leading enterprise in the areas of “ Importer of good wines from all over the world”; ”Leading consumer drinking trends in China” and ;”Promoting the wine culture”

In order to fit in customer needs in wine knowledge as well as wine culture promotion, Jointek has set up Jointek institutes. It has different courses at different levels and style to educate and entertain students which have been based on nearly 30 years training experience gained from internal staff and external partners training as well as co-operation with International wine education. The trainers all have the WSET Certificate issued by the Bordeaux Industry Association or Wines Industry Association Germany、or national level sommelier wine tester…

Jointek Institutes based in South China, has expanded to North China、East & Central of China and over 150 courses and activities are held yearly. Students come from 500 companies worldwide such as the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, China Merchant Bank, Standard Charter Bank, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Amway China, Mercedes-Benz

Moreover, with the knowledge of knowing the wine popularity among young people, Jointek has held numerous activities regarding wine culture, with a western emphasis, at the Business Institute Wuhan, the Business Training School Haizhu,Guangzhou and other national academies. These activities have helped students to adopt a healthy living style as well as enhancing their wine skills, thus enabling them with more job opportunities.

To communicate with customers and consumers in a timely manner, Jointek uses all media channels sending updated information. This includes;Jointek Wines magazine (internal use),jointek website, Wechat, Microblog, FACEBOOK、TWITTER… From there customers and consumers have wine product and promotion information, wine knowledge and updated Jointek development trends, therefore gaining a full understanding of Jointek.

Our Sales Network

Covering all sales channels extensively over the country !

As one of the biggest wine importers in China, Jointek has a sales network coverage of all sales channels in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, having over 160 shops, nearly 200 distributors. wholesalers, 12,200 traders and many E-sales platform, the products jointek has distributed have been listed in 33 provinces, Municipal regions and Special Administrative Regions. Jointek has many customers in every sales channel, for instance, Starred Hotels, deluxe Chinese Restaurants, high class Western Bar & Restaurants, private club, mega stores and supermarkets, and jointek VIP Clubs..

Starred hotels are: Shangri-La Hotel, Sofitel Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotel, Double Tree Hotel by Hilton, JW Marriott Hotel, Westin Hotel, Pollman Hotel, The LANGHAM Hotel, Mandaria Oriental Hotel, Garden Hotel, Guangzou Chime Long Hotel, Dongfang Hotel, White Swan Hotel, China Hotel, Beijing International Hotel, China World Summit Wing Beijing, Grand Mercure hotel Hongqiao, The Seagull On The Bund-Shanghai etc…

The outlets of ON-Trade are: BingSheng Food & Beverage Group, Guangzhou Restaurant Food & Beverage Group, Hongxing Seafood Restaurant Group, AJISENRAMEN,YUMIN Restaurant Co. Ltd. Lee Garden Restaurant Beijing, Roosevelt Wine Cellar Restaurant etc….

The outlets in OFF-Trade are : Guangzhou Friendship Department Store Group, Wangfujing Department Store, SAM’s Club hypermarket, AEON Supermarket, CR Vangnard Chain Store, Wal-MarT Supermarket, ParknShop Supermarket, Century Supermark, LoTus hypermarket, AuChan Supermarket, etc…

The E-Commerce Platform:, JD.Com,,, Wshop etc…

Jointek VIP Club has over 50 thousand members at present and still growing.

Every year Jointek recruits traders in all sales channels by Wine Expo attendance, for example: The China Food & Drinks Spring Fair, Simply BORDEAUX, Road Show of Rioja Wines, Road Show of Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, Lagarenne; Road Show of the Winner of WINE100, FINE WINE Journey, VINEXPO Hongkong, Food & Drink Expo HK, Guangzhou International Food & Wines Expo, Shanghai International Food & Beverage Exhibition, China Beijing International Wines Expo, Shanghai Wines Fair etc…

The exhibitions cover domestic markets in different layered cities, from first tier to the third tier, from Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen to Haerbin, Huehaote, Xiamen, Taiyuan, Baotou, Guiyang etc. As a result, Jointek is in each targeted city and the consumer can enjoy good wines from all over the world.

Jointek continuously is building its sales network with the purpose of the consumer enjoying good wines anytime anywhere !

Our Professional Service:

Stringent standards in our cellars & warehouses, ensuring the best quality products.

Jointek provides high quality and value products to customers by the importation of bottled originals that are monitored by a professional team

To ensure the best quality products during the storage process, Jointek set up cellar & warehouse stringent standards of temperature & humidity in key cities and in particular, the warehouse in Hong Kong which gained the certificate granted by HKQAA providing the One-Stop services of storage and distribution

Our Goods

All exclusively distributed with excellent quality, from authentic source & origin !

Jointek positions itself as a best distributor of good wines from around the world to the Chinese drinker ! It brings to the consumer healthy, the best quality, pure and original products..

Jointek exclusively distributes over thousands of categories of wines from over 200 good wine chateaus from 8 famous wine producing countries, those being France, Spain, Germany, Italy, The United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and Chile… The products from these countries are well known all over the world and have a huge market share in wine making countries.

Among many fine wines importers , Jointek distributes many fine wines from the top fine wines Chateaus which includes Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Chateau Latour, Cjateau Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Margaux,Chateau Haut-Brion, Chateau Ausone, Chateau Cheval Blanc, Chateau Angelus, Chateau Pavie as well as a lot of good wines of the highest standard from around the world, they are Opus ONE, Sena, Alnaviva, Clos Apalta …. These products provide the best choice to wine collectors and investors in terms of quality and value

Besides fine wines distribution in China, Jointek also exclusively distributes many great wines and products from the DOURTHE Group, Yealands chateau, OCHAGAVIA winery, BALDUZZI winery, Vallformosa Chateau, Primvm Vitae Chateau….. Jointek bases in China, understand Chinese palate, thus sending its wine testing professional teams to wine producers to select great wines for the Chinese Market needs. This methodology also gains many international brand holders and wine producers’ appreciation, with the result being Jointek becoming the exclusive distributor of many international great wines.

Our Team

Professional, Aggressive, Highly Efficient!

Jointek has management offices in four regions in China,the North, East、Central、South and East-South; In Key cities of these three regions, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jointek has a professional operation company respective. Over 500 experienced employee form different teams by function being the Procurement, Management and Sales Team. Capable employees are crucial for enterprise growth. Our teams are professional, aggressive and highly efficient. They are Senior Sommelier Wine Testers, Professional Wines Trainers, Wine Test Consultants from origin, management team supervise the local operation to provide the consumer with high quality products.

Jointek always cares about its employees. It provides a good working environment and an incentive system to staff. Meanwhile, the management respects and trusts its staff and through guidance and encouragement, makes staff grow with the company to enjoy its achievements. Therefore, Jointek Team has a high team work spirit and cohesion, from the top management to the junior staff, all have one mission and same goal- to create high quality products to enhance consumer quality of life !

Gather the finest & the best selections of wines from around the world.

Jointek will continually lead the wine industry by self innovation and pioneering,. serving the consumer in heart and trying the very best in promoting a healthy wine culture, let wine become an integral part of the consumer high quality lifestyle !

Our Mission: Enhancing the overall living style for our customers & consumers !

Our vision: To widely promote a wine culture !

Our Sales Strategy: Covering all the sales channels extensively all over country !

Our services: Stringent standards in cellar & warehouse, ensuring the best quality products.

Our goods: All exclusively distributed with excellent quality, from authentic source & origin !

Our team: Professional, Aggressive, Highly efficient !



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Add:21/F, No.422, Huanshidong Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou