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Goddess welfare month | Women do not drink ordinary wine, women who drink alcohol are not ordinary!


Goddess welfare month | Women do not drink ordinary wine, women who drink alcohol are not ordinary!

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2017/03/09 09:31
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Since ancient times, women have had a relationship with wine, and the story may not last for three days and three nights.

Since ancient times, women have had a relationship with wine, and the story may not last for three days and three nights. There is a saying that is good: the average woman does not drink, the woman does not drink ordinary wine, the woman who drinks is not ordinary!

They don't have to be the same sweetness, they can stand out from the crowd; they don't have to be "prostitutes" in the eyes of men, they can be bad women.
In this era of "female man is easy to do, goddess is difficult", look at how these "unusual women" love wine!

Queen Elizabeth II

Someone once summed up the secret of the longevity of this "super long standby" queen, one of which is "drinking tea and wine every day."
According to the Queen's chef, the Queen is used to drinking a glass of Gordon Gin or Dubonnet before lunch, a glass of wine at lunch, a martini in the evening, and a glass of champagne in the evening. The amount of wine is very good!

The British "Daily Mail" reported that the Queen's 2015 wine and spirits consumption of up to 250,000 pounds, equivalent to more than 2 million yuan, the Queen even has his own sparkling wine brand.

Margaret Thatcher

Mrs. Thatcher, who is known as the "Iron Lady", loves whiskey and cigars. In a documentary about Mrs. Thatcher's life, her former personal assistant Cynthia Crawford recalls that Mrs. Thatcher only sleeps on average every day. For 4 hours, her energy is maintained by drinking whiskey.

But Margaret Thatcher also has a soft spot for wine, especially the Margaux Manor. In the British government cellar, a bottle of 1960 Margaux red wine with the words "silky" was confirmed by Mrs. Thatcher. The most characteristic of Margaux Manor is elegant and powerful, just like Mrs. Thatcher’s tough shell also contains a woman’s tender side.


Margaret Duras

Duras is a famous French writer, playwright and film director. His masterpieces include "Love of Hiroshima" and "Lover". In an interview with The New York Times in 1991, she said, “I am both a writer and an alcoholic. I have to rely on red wine to fall asleep. I have to drink a glass of red wine in an hour, and I have to drink after drinking coffee in the morning. Dry up, then start writing..."

For her, the ultimate meaning of writing is the same as drinking, in order to prove the way she is awake, although in the society at the time, women drinking is disappointing.
From these women who understand wine and love wine, we can easily find similar qualities: wise, confident, unique, or elegant or not; women who love to drink wine are even more, because they know how to cherish and appreciate the taste of life!
The goddess is like wine, the style is excellent, and it is endless, it is worthy of a good wine!

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