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Feng Tang said: "A few mouthfuls will become a goddess."


Feng Tang said: "A few mouthfuls will become a goddess."

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2017/03/07 09:36
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Ordinary people say that women drink alcohol just to hook up men. In fact, women drink, how can there be so many complicated things in it.

Ordinary people say that women drink alcohol just to hook up men.

In fact, women drink, how can there be so many complicated things in it.

Feng Tang once wrote an essay "Drink a few mouths to become a goddess", which said that women drink alcohol, in several stages:
Women drink a little, a little bit of temperament, and a few days of work gradually become easier to bear.
Drink a little more, my face is a little pink, and the world is awkward.
Drink a little more, the hair is a little shiny, and the heart is soft.
Drink a little more, the spine is a little soft, simply soft in the chair, what? Anyway, there are no bad people around.
Drinking a little bit, the entanglement and twisting of the heart spread out, there are a lot of words on the mouth, and the troubles of not saying that you can't say it is just before you drink a bite.
Drink a little more, the walls in the memory and the senses gradually collapsed, remembering the beautiful little things in the day, the night, and the dreams. These little things are the essence of life. The big things have been forgotten in alcohol. Got it all.
Drink a little bit, think of many of the previous trade-offs, sigh, feel that you are still right in most cases, helpless is the normal state of life.


Women who drink alcohol are often more real than usual. "It is more like a tree flower, a child, a herbivore than a fully awake state. It is truly open with the wind, swaying with the wind, dancing with the wind, and clawing with the wind." More charming.
The blushing face, the flowing eyes, is like Yang Yuhuan in "Drunken Drunk".

Women drink alcohol, beauty is more than a dance, and talent. Li Qingzhao loves wine, and after three cups of two liqueurs, he smashed the wine and brewed the "Dream of the Dream" that was passed down by the descendants: "Last night, the rain is sloppy, and the sleep is not enough." Intoxicated, I don’t know where to return. I am full of love for life.

Women drink alcohol not for people to watch, nor for the sake of their performances. They can be purely for themselves, please themselves, and have nothing to do with others. They don't love alcohol, they don't want to get drunk, they just ask for help.
Use such a cup of liquid that makes people happy, reward yourself, gradually put down the guard and exhaustion in the micro-squatting, temporarily withdraw from the real life, enjoy the rare time alone.

Borrowing Feng Tang's famous saying: Spring is ten miles, not as good as "wine."

Let's drink with Jointek in March to be a goddess!
















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