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February limited time to buy | Valentine's Day wine selection Raiders, love her, you must understand her!


February limited time to buy | Valentine's Day wine selection Raiders, love her, you must understand her!

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2017/02/14 09:43
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February limited time to buy | Valentine's Day wine selection Raiders, love her, you must understand her!

Today is 2.14 Valentine's Day

This is a good holiday to eat and buy.
Not only flowers, gifts and candlelight dinners
There is still wine!
Wine is a catalyst for emotion
Valentine's Day without wine
Just like a match without ignition
I always feel that I am missing some fun.

Today, we have prepared a Valentine's Day wine selection guide for everyone. For her favorite, choose a bottle of wine that best represents your relationship with her. Let her know: Only you, know her best.


 ❤    ❤    ❤ 

First date

My lady, the gentleman is very good. After a period of observation, the two finally started their first date on Valentine's Day, and they must make a good impression on each other.

Balduzzi Late Harvest
Luxury Peach Salisbury Sweet White Wine

Sweet smell of honey, caramel and raisins
Just like when you first saw you
Fresh tropical fruit flavor is like your lively personality
It seems that a ray of sunshine in the spring warms my heart.
As you are in my eyes: warm heart, brilliant

◀ Valentine's Day surprise price: 102 yuan 


 ❤    ❤    ❤ 

Flood season

Obviously mutual love, but pretending to be careless, tempting each other, attacking each other and defending each other, waiting for the other party to open the fog.

Peter Yealands Sauvignoir
Ilan Suvino rosé

Bright colors are very attractive
Can't help but think of your blushing cheeks and blushing lips
People can't help but "a kiss"
Ripe passion fruit and guava aroma
a touch of minerality
The palate is lively and pleasant, with a refreshing and long finish.
Everything is as unique as you are

 Valentine's Day surprise price: 150 yuan ▶


 ❤    ❤    ❤ 

Love fear period

Sometimes I feel that I can't understand the other's mind. Sometimes I will be inexplicably depressed for a little thing. The loss is the stage that every couple in love has to experience.

Foss Marai Surfine Cuvèe Brut
Hosma Collection Sparkling Wine

Made from different kinds of grapes, complex and delicate
Just like people in love are prone to suffering
Sweet and unrestrained with peaches and wild flowers,
There are also unexpected spicy flavors of pepper and pepper.
Just as love is not always smooth sailing
Happy, sweet, sour, always intertwined.

◀ Valentine's Day surprise price: 158 yuan 


 ❤       ❤ 

Love period / wedding period

With the right people, every day is Valentine's Day, just like eating a French dessert, sweet to the bottom of my heart.

Peter Yealands Single Vineyard Noble Sauvignon Blanc
Elan Single Vineyard Aristocratic Sweet White Wine

Made from grapes infected with noble rot fungi
Rich apricot, honey and grape fruit aroma
Like the sweet feeling in love, beautiful and beautiful
Also revealed a fresh acidity, sweet but not greasy
This sour and sweet, close to the taste of love

 Valentine's Day surprise price: 144 yuan ▶



Flat period

Many times the busy rhythm dilutes the two people's fantasies about the mood of life, and a bottle of pink sparkling wine can reawaken the passion between you. For Valentine's Day, bring roses and sparkling wine to the restaurant full of memories!

Classic de Vallformosa Cava Brut Rose
Hefu Martha Classic Pink Sparkling Wine

Clear cherry red, like you are fresh in memory
Floral, strawberry, cranberry and light spice
With the taste of fresh red cherry fruit, it has a unique charm
Past love time,
Also returning to the front as the bottle opens and the elegant bubble rises
Roses and sparkling wines all told her:
Falling in love with you is my greatest luck.

◀ Valentine's Day surprise price: 130 yuan 

Do you know if you are satisfied with this Raiders? Valentine's Day is already very busy, Jointek helps you!
Buying the above five products during the month of February, you can enjoy great value! (Guangzhou only six direct stores and WeChat mall)
Finally, Joinek wishes you a happy Valentine's Day!



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