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Time is not old, love "wine" now - Mother's Day theme cocktail party


Time is not old, love "wine" now - Mother's Day theme cocktail party

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2017/05/10 09:50
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Please don't be silent on this Mother's Day. It is better to speak your love boldly through the spirit of alcohol!
"Mom is a beautiful woman, please don't hurt her time"
Accustomed to the care of my mother,
It seems that I have forgotten that time is constantly passing.
Look closely at her gradually whitened horns.
I remembered that my mother used to be a girl.
"Time, please go slower"
Mother is getting old every day,
How many opportunities do we have,
Be able to stand in front of her seriously,
Say to her, "Mom, thank you"?
Please stop silent on this Mother's Day.
It’s better to say your love boldly by the energy of the wine!

Activity time:
Saturday, May 13, 2017
Activity address:
No. 94, Jiangnan Avenue, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (Guangzhou Junde Flagship Store)
way of participation:
You can purchase tickets by logging in to the WeChat public account of Junde Wines.
Preemptive price: 99 yuan / person (retail price: 198 yuan / person)



Guests who come to the reception will receive a small gift for Mother's Day.

PS: Anyone who buys a cocktail drink on the spot can participate in a lucky draw and will have the opportunity to get a rich gift!

Wine for the reception:
This Mother's Day theme cocktail party, Junde special selection of five quality wines from the Saint-Mamelian Union.



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