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Event Preview|Pure Beauty, Fresh Taste - New Zealand Elan Manor March Tasting Event


Event Preview|Pure Beauty, Fresh Taste - New Zealand Elan Manor March Tasting Event

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2017/03/15 09:58
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Wine is the product that best conveys the characteristics of the terroir. It is the gift of nature to human beings.
Wine is the product that best conveys the characteristics of the terroir.
It is the gift of nature to humanity.
Like New Zealand’s impression:
Pure and clear;
The wines produced are also fresh.

From March 15th to 22nd, Elan Manor will hold tasting cocktails and promotion activities in Suzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, and will also air the Chengdu Spring Sugar and Wine Party. At that time, Mr. James McDonald, the export manager of Elan Manor will I will personally visit the guests and share with you the fresh taste of this pure land.

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Elan Manor
Pure land nourishment, wine world star


Founded in 2008, Elan Manor is New Zealand's premier green and environmentally friendly estate. It is also the first winery in the world to receive CarboNZeroCERT zero carbon certification and the first DQS certified Green Company GC-Mark.


Elan Manor has become New Zealand's renewable energy leader by installing New Zealand's largest solar panels on the roof of its Marlborough winery. The estate's flag seascape vineyard has 918 new photovoltaic panels, currently totaling 1,314. This means that the vineyard can provide up to 411.12 kilowatts of solar energy, equivalent to the electricity required by 86 New Zealand households, and can reduce CO2 emissions by 82 tons.

The innovative move won the renewable energy runner-up of the 2016 Beverage Industry Green Awards presented by the UK.

The Yelan Manor, Peter Yealands, also won this year's New Zealand KEA World Class Award and also won the Lifetime Achievement Award in the 2016 Beverage Industry Green Awards.



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