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How to store wine in the summer home? If you don’t pay attention, it will be destroyed.


How to store wine in the summer home? If you don’t pay attention, it will be destroyed.

2018/05/14 10:38
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Every time you see a special price for a special offer, or when a friend recommends you want to drink alcohol, do you have the following troubles: How should the wine at home be preserved?
Every time you see a special price for a special offer, or if a friend recommends you want to drink alcohol, do you have the following troubles:
How should the wine at home be preserved?
In a kitchen full of fireworks?
Throw it in the dark corner of the bed?
Or is it placed on the wine rack in the living room?
Today, let's talk about how to store wine at home everyday.
Wine storage conditions
Summarize the best storage environment for wine in one sentence: constant temperature and humidity, stand still, ventilate and avoid light.
constant temperature
The suitable storage temperature for wine is 10 ° C - 15 ° C, and the domestic summer temperature is 30 ° C. It is easy to heat the wine.
Constant humidity
Wines prefer a relatively humid environment with a suitable humidity range of 65% to 75%. The humidity is too low, the cork will shrink and crack, and the air will enter the bottle to accelerate the oxidation of the wine.
Ventilation and light protection
Long-term exposure to light will accelerate the aging of the wine, especially white wine is more likely to affect. Many people like to put the wine in a well-lit display case. In fact, there is no benefit to the wine!
Moreover, the wine is a "near Zhu Zhe, near the ink black", the best place to store the air is fresh, well ventilated, to avoid odor.

How to store wine at home
In addition to these three key factors, in fact, the daily tips for storing wine will also affect the taste and quality of a wine.
These places are not suitable
1, the kitchen
The kitchen is full of fumes and the smell is messy. Every time you cook, the temperature and humidity of the kitchen change dramatically. Not to mention, there may be cockroaches around the wine.
2, balcony
The balcony is exposed to the sun and the temperature is variable, so it is not a good place to store wine.
3, car trunk
Never put the wine in the trunk of the car! In the summer, the heat is very hot during the day, and the night is sultry and hot. If you put the wine in the trunk, it will definitely be “destroyed”! If you want to take your wine home, please put it in the compartment and turn on the air conditioner, not in the trunk.
Suitable for these places
1. Locker/storage room
Although it does not necessarily have a perfect temperature, it wins at a constant temperature, quiet while avoiding light, shock absorbers and low odor.
2, the basement
The basement is often less exposed to light and vibration, and it is more humid. It is an environment suitable for storing wine at home. Unfortunately, the basement is not owned by anyone.

3, the refrigerator
The ideal temperature of the wine, the temperature of the refrigerator is too low; and the refrigeration opportunity of the refrigerator periodically creates vibration, which will accelerate the aging of the wine and lose some of the aroma in the long-term vibration environment. However, in the summer of 30 °C, the refrigerator can at least keep the wine from being burnt. Therefore, if it is only a small amount of short-term storage, it is more economical to put the refrigerator. If you often drink alcohol, and usually consume more quickly, then you can consider buying a special small fresh-keeping refrigerator, which will be much more convenient.
4, wine cabinet
If you have a lot of wine at home, it is recommended to buy a professional wine cabinet, which can save a lot of heart. There are thousands of tens to tens of thousands of wine cabinets on the market, and you can choose according to your own needs and economic conditions. However, the cork stopper bottled wine is best sealed with a fresh-keeping bag to avoid absorbing the odor in the refrigerator.
In addition, although the wine cooler has cooling capacity, it is still affected by the ambient temperature. It is best not to place it in a room with direct sunlight and high temperature in summer, so as not to reduce the thermostatic effect.
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