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Are you mistaken for these wine care mistakes?


Are you mistaken for these wine care mistakes?

2018/05/14 10:31
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I think many people will have one or two friends around, obviously don't like to drink, but see some propaganda about wine health care, such as wine can fight cancer and help to lose weight and beauty

I think many people will have one or two friends around, obviously don't like to drink, but see some propaganda about wine health care, such as wine can fight cancer and sleep, but also lose weight and beauty, etc. have a drink.
In order to avoid getting more people into misunderstanding, today we will talk about the "health effect" of the wine on the Internet.
First, drinking wine before going to bed helps to fall asleep
Many people feel that after drinking alcohol, they want to sleep and fall asleep quickly. This is because the melatonin contained in the seeds, skin and pulp of the grapes can cause drowsiness.
So drinking a small amount of wine can really help you sleep better. However, excessive drinking can affect the quality of your sleep. Because alcohol only makes you fall asleep faster, but after alcohol metabolism, it is easy to sleep in the middle of the night, and it is easy to get a headache and a bad spirit.
And excessive drinking will increase the burden on the liver, because at this time the liver is in a "rest state."
Second, wine can fight against oxidation and fight cancer
The wine contains resveratrol, which has anti-oxidant and anti-cancer effects, so many businesses will be advertising anti-cancer ads.
But throwing away the dose to talk about ingredients, in fact, are all hooligans.
Scientific studies have shown that the minimum dose of resveratrol to inhibit cancer cells is about 20 mg / kg, while resveratrol is usually only 0.5 ~ 10 mg / L in wine. Converted to an adult weighing 60kg, that is, about 1200mg per day. If you only drink wine, then we have to drink 120~2400L every day, at least 160 bottles!
Let's not say that drinking so much can absorb the effective substances in the wine. It is this amount that will definitely bring people to drink.
Third, drinking wine can lose weight
In online essays, resveratrol and ellagic acid in wine can control appetite and inhibit fat growth, but in fact, the content of these two substances is very small, and it does not play any role.
Some people think that wine can lose weight, just because the calorie is generally lower than other alcoholic beverages under the same amount of drinking, and it is relatively easy to become fat. It does not mean that it can lose weight. If you drink too much, still take fat!
Having said that, wine still has its unique "efficacy".
A wine label, a glass of wine, carries more than one terroir, a history, and the craftsmanship of the brewers and the pursuit of good goals. The moment you drink it, the cocktail will remind you of your memories, recall the taste of your childhood, an unforgettable memory, or a sigh.
Having said that, I hope that everyone can rationally look at the health benefits of wine and enjoy the wine itself and the happiness and ease it brings.



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