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Ten years of grinding a sword - Interview with Ms. Du Hong, General Manager of Wuhan Junde Wine Industry


Ten years of grinding a sword - Interview with Ms. Du Hong, General Manager of Wuhan Junde Wine Industry

2015/10/19 01:52
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"The wine brought me, one is friendship, the other is interest", simply, short and straightforward, this is the Wuhan franchisee before me, Ms. Du Hong's answer to my first question.

  "The wine brought me, one is friendship, the other is interest", simply, short and straightforward, this is the Wuhan franchisee before me, Ms. Du Hong's answer to my first question. Ms. Du Hong is one of the “beauty franchisees” who are well-known in Junde. There is no long hair fluttering, no gentle water, a short hair, and a talk like fried beans. It is simply, fast, and one sentence is a sentence. Perhaps it is this unique temperament that sets her apart.


 The way to success - ten years of grinding a sword

Back to the beginning, when the author asked her to do a decade of wine, what was the harvest, Ms. Du played her candid and honest nature, and answered the author. Ten years ago, she looked for the wine industry to be promising. She plunged into the industry and worked hard. Now she has two stores in Wuhan, a shop in the store, and a franchisee in Jingzhou, Ezhou and Xiaogan. The bigger the bigger, the goal is to open a fifth branch in Wuhan two years later. "I am a persistent person. As long as I believe in things, I will definitely stick to it." Ms. Du Hong explained her reasons for success.
Wuhan is divided into three towns, Hankou, Wuchang, Hanyang, and Ms. Du, with her unique vision, built a Wuhan Junde wine flagship store in Wuhan, the world's busiest commercial district in Wuhan. Now, in the Wanda Plaza in Wuchang Han Street, the second store in Chunde Winery Wuhan will open recently. To date, Junde Wines has occupied a commanding height in the two major commercial, political, and cultural centers in Wuhan, and has to admire Ms. Du’s long-term vision. In Wanda Plaza, 128 internationally renowned brands and hundreds of well-known domestic brands have been stationed. “The reason why Junde Wines can enter is because of its popularity and reputation. It is not just a brand that can enter.” To this new store, Ms. Du said without pride.
Looking back on the wine business in recent years, Ms. Du is so shocked: "In the past few years, I have not encountered a particularly big hurdle. First, I have a clear understanding of the market and consumers before making wine. I know that I can control the market. Secondly, I have full confidence in the wine industry. I believe that as long as you step by step and take a solid step, you will always gain something. The so-called '10 years of grinding a sword', I am ten Although the year went slowly, it went steady.” A great business giant said that there are not many mysteries of success. One of them is to seize the opportunity. Whoever has enough experience in an emerging industry can take the lead. Ms. Du is no doubt deeply convinced. By the time the wine was experiencing a blowout development, her early efforts and persistence showed great advantages.

 Wine is like life, sharing a little true

After discussing the topic of work, Ms. Du shared her outlook on life with us. She believes that the similarity between wine and life is that wine, like life, needs a sincere heart. Only when it is good to each other, the other party will give you the best reward. It takes a long time for a grape to be brewed from sowing to harvesting. During this time, both the grape farmers and the winery workers should use the most sincere attitude to prepare all the wines in order to produce high-quality wine. The same is true of life. Only if you are sincere and candid about people can you get the friendship and respect of others.
The winning way in the wine industry - persevere
Nowadays, the competition in the wine industry is very fierce. Many people think that there is a certain interpersonal relationship to make wine. In the view of Ms. Du, it is not so easy to succeed. First, we must have long-term accumulation and persistence. Second, we must fully understand In the local market, know yourself and yourself; once again, you must have a professional wine knowledge to form a professional team. Only with the above three conditions can we hope to succeed in the wine industry.

I forgot to explain, this visit was made on the way to Ms. Du to go to the high-speed rail. After waving goodbye to the author, she walked quickly to the station and looked at her back with lightness. The author could not help but sigh: "Like Working like a bee, living like a butterfly." 



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