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Learn to taste wine and learn to live - Interview with Jia Yonglin, Chairman of Suzhou Junde Wine Industry


Learn to taste wine and learn to live - Interview with Jia Yonglin, Chairman of Suzhou Junde Wine Industry

2015/10/19 01:54
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Human beings are a complex creature in which sensibility and rationality are unified. Different people may have different focuses, but the contradiction between the two is unified in the human body.

 Human beings are a complex creature in which sensibility and rationality are unified. Different people may have different focuses, but the contradiction between the two is unified in the human body. Being able to reasonably choose to be a sensible person and do things rationally is believed to be the least easy, and Jia Yonglin is just like this, and I have to admire it. Wine is a science, wine tasting is the process of body sense to enjoy the charm of alcohol; wine marketing is a complex undertaking, and its management is the process of thinking game and action confrontation. Fully experience the sensory stimulation of wine and sprint for the wine industry. It is the status of Jia Yonglin, the chairman of Suzhou Junde Wines.


  Take the differentiated competition strategy and stand out in the Suzhou wine industry

As the wine market in Suzhou grows up and the competition becomes increasingly fierce, in order to stand out from the crowd, it is necessary to find its own characteristics and take a differentiated competitive strategy. “According to the market situation in Suzhou, the professional image of Junde Wine Industry must be reflected through the reception activities such as receptions, dinners, etc.” Jia Yonglin believes that wine promotion activities such as cocktail parties and dinners can highlight the wine selection and wine in the wine industry. Professional skills in all aspects of matching skills and service skills. In recent years, Junde Wines has gradually matured this kind of promotion activities. Many old customers have had strong resistance to activities from a few years ago. This year's extremely enthusiastic participation reflects the growth of Suzhou wine consumers and the maturity of the market. It also reflects the growth footprint of Junde Wine in the Suzhou wine market from one aspect. It also makes Junde Wine Industry the first among many companies in the same industry. Professionalism is the basic point of the differentiated competition strategy. Its important connotation involves the overall quality of the sales team. “I require all employees to have professional wine knowledge. A strong sales team is the key to the success of the wine company.” Jia Yonglin said. He has established a comprehensive and step-by-step training program for employees. He said that only through continuous training, sales staff can keep up with the development of the wine market and provide consumers with the best service. I believe he will be able to do so in the near future. Achieve its strategic goal: to make Suzhou Junde wine industry a leading company in the region.


 Understand wine, life, and fully experience the sensory enjoyment of wine catering

"Tasting is a matter of learning. It takes a process to understand wine." When Jia Yonglin first came into contact with wine, he didn't understand anything. From how to get a glass of wine, his life gradually became inseparable from wine. At that time, the wine market had just started. There were not many books on the market. Jia Yonglin wanted to learn wine but could not start. He finally found a wine knowledge booklet from China Agricultural University Press and began to study it eagerly. Since the 1990s, he has never understood and appreciated until he chewed the taste of wine. This process has gone through ten years. Life is composed of countless circles, and the accumulation of knowledge has no end. Since knowing the wine, Jia Yonglin began to pay attention to a healthy diet and strived to bring the wine catering culture to the daily life of more consumers. He said, “Understanding wine, Let me know how to eat healthy food, and let me know how to taste life.” The art of wine dining is the subject that Jia Yonglin has been studying in recent years. “The combination of wine and wine maximizes the sensory enjoyment that wine can bring. And Suzhou has a lot of special dishes that are very suitable for wine," Jia Yonglin said.
Domestic wine consumers are more likely to try the mix of wines in business entertainment, festivals, etc. In fact, in daily life, you can also try to use wine as an element to enhance the taste of life. When wine can enter the dining table of more families, that is the goal that wine companies should strive for, Jia Yonglin believes. Wine needs to mobilize various sensory organs to experience and feel. Learning to taste wine is to learn to enjoy life emotionally. Like Jia Yonglin, it is another kind of realm to treat wine as a business. It is to rationally do business and emotional life. .



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