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Chateau Batailley


Chateau Batailley

2018/07/09 14:45
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Bill Manor (Bartley Manor) ChateauBatailley is located in the Puyle region on the left bank of Bordeaux and is a Grade 5 manor in the 1855 rating.

Bill Manor (Bartley Manor) Chateau Batailley is located in the Puyle region on the left bank of Bordeaux and is a Grade 5 manor in the 1855 rating. As everyone knows, Puyile is one of the most prolific production areas in Bordeaux. There are three of the five famous villages. The so-called Zhu Zhechi, I believe that the production of Bill Manor should also be good. 

Confusing source of name

The name of the manor originated from the British-French Hundred Years War, and the specific name of the name is circulated in two ways: one is that "Bill" may refer to a war, and the other is called "Bill" is a local grape farmer. . Although it is not certain which one is correct, it is certain that Bill Winery already existed at the end of the 18th century.

The first owner of Bill Manor was the Saint-Martin family. In 1791, two of the family's three heirs decided to sell a part of the estate because they had no care of the estate. The Pecholier family bought the estate and managed to auction it for only a short time. The buyer of the auction was Daniel. Guestier.

After the family took over Bill, they continued to purchase the surrounding vineyards to expand the acreage, including some adjacent to the Lynch-Bages and Grand-Puy-Lacoste, and then introduced more Good brewing equipment and technology. By the time of the death of Gust in 1847, Bill had a small reputation in the Bordeaux region, so in the rank of the 1855 winery, Bill was listed as a five-level manor, five in the same region. The famous village also has the Pontet-Canet.

Split the estate to avoid the dispute of property rights

After Gust’s death, his children had a dispute over the division of property, and eventually the manor auction was settled in 1866. The new owner is the Parisian banker Constant Halphen. Under his care, the estate has expanded from the previous 39 hectares to 55 hectares, and the reputation is larger than before.

After the death of Happen in 1932, the Bori brothers bought the manor. Before 1942, in order to avoid the inheritance problems of the future manor, the manor was divided into two parts, namely today's Bill and Obitier. François acquired a smaller portion of the vineyard and in 1951 the vineyard was expanded by buying vines from the Duhart-Milon (level 4) to form the Obitil. manor. The larger part is owned by Matthew, including the manor castle, and retains the original name of the vineyard, "Bill." It is from this moment that the two estates have begun to enter their own development path.

Part of a huge industry

After Matthew died in 1961, he left the estate to his daughter Denise and her husband Emile Casteja. The estate is incorporated into the vineyard assets of the Castegan family – including the Beau-Site (Senior Star Village) in St. Dart, the Dortmundy Estate in St. David's ( Trottevieille) (top level B), and the nearby Lynch Moussas (level 5). This asset is now run by Emil's son, Philippe Casteja.

Brewing process

Vineyard specific situation:

Today, Bill Manor has 55 hectares of vineyards. The soil here is typical of the boulder soil, deep and poor, with good drainage and insulation, making the vines more resilient and producing high quality grapes.
The proportion of grape cultivation is 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 3% Fraun and 2% Weiwei, and the average plant age is 40 years.

Manor's wines:

All the grapes are picked by hand and then granulated. After careful fermentation, the wine is aged in oak barrels. In order to make the wine riper, the wine is placed in the wine cellar for the second year and then loaded in the winery. bottle.

Chateau Batailley
Bill Manor Red Wine

(Bartley Manor Red Wine)

Production area: Bordeaux, France
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Franco, Xiaoweidu
Annual production: about 300,000 bottles
This wine has a classic style, deep color and solid structure. It shows the mulberry, the rich fruit of wild plum, the faint mineral flavor and the smoky smell of oak barrels. It has rich tannins, so the ageing ability is not Vulgar. It takes 5-10 years to wait before showing its potential and elegance. It is a cost-effective column-level wine.
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