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July 2015 China's wine imports soared over an increase of 50%


July 2015 China's wine imports soared over an increase of 50%

2015/09/23 09:44
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China's imports of wine continues the rapid growth trend in the two quarter, July wine imports continue to soar, becoming the third year to grow more than 50% of the month.

  China's imports of wine continues the rapid growth trend in the two quarter, July wine imports continue to soar, becoming the third year to grow more than 50% of the month.
In view of the think tank released the latest July wine import data, July the national wine imports kiloliter 56250.9, compared to the same period increased 54.9%; imports amounted to $197 million, an increase of nearly 30%. Import price fell slightly compared to the same period. The annual import volume growth will exceed 30% of the country's view think tank.

  Sparkling wine does not continue the growth momentum of last year, the two quarter of this year, the growth rate of imports began to appear negative growth in July, an increase of 20% year on year, the downward trend of growth. But fortunately, compared with the amount of imports in July, in June the volume of sparkling wine imports increased by 42%.

  Although we are optimistic about the long-term development of sparkling wine, but this year the stock pressure will affect the growth of the whole year, the growth rate of sparkling wine is expected this year, the growth rate will be significantly lower than last year, fell by more than 10 percentage points.
In addition, points to the country to see, in addition to the amount of New Zealand wine imports increased by 30% of the rest of the country's imports of wine are maintained rapid growth, including Moldova wine imports increased by 12.5 times, becoming the dark horse in July, followed by Argentina wine, with more than 1.3 times.




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