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Jointek to Lamborghini car release ceremony in Guangzhou


Jointek to Lamborghini car release ceremony in Guangzhou

2015/09/23 09:48
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On 23 August 2015, Guangzhou Swire exchange M layer run, the main venue of the cultural tour, Lamborghini global head stage aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce release ceremony held a grand!!

On 23 August 2015, Guangzhou Swire exchange M layer run, the main venue of the cultural tour, Lamborghini global head stage aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce release ceremony held a grand!!
Lamborghini carry a variety of V12 models finale debut, a comprehensive display of V12 inheritance, gift Lamborghini into China for ten years.
Reality version of the fast and the furious 8 in Taikoo Hui officially staged, the world's only 600 aventador lp700-4, 0-100km / h acceleration only need to 2.8 seconds, top speed is over the 350km / h.
Conference, Jointek fine wines become night conference designated wine, and to the conference provides three models of high quality wine.

Hosma sparkling wine (NATURAL)
Marai Roos Foss (Brut)
Region: Italy can not be set to the region
Grape: Mix
Comments: Hosma used local use less but local varieties brewing extremely good gentle and lively sparkling. Mainly include: fruit flavor and dogwood trees aroma. Very suitable for drinking as a starter, a good background to serve as a foil to the former dish, which is suitable for the collocation fish or the rich flavor of cheese.
Collocation: fish, vegetables, cheese
Drinking temperature: 10;

Ripasso Valpolicella
Shi Lu red wine
Producing areas: the legal area of wine D.O.C.
Grape: Corvina song Luo deenie Vilna, La Rondinella, Maureen nullah Molinara
Vintage: with the lees, grape and grape seed soaking time
Alcohol: 13.5%
Total acid: 5.43 grams per liter
I sugar: 7 grams per liter
Comments: semi dry red wine, ruby red colour and lustre, balanced wine, taste fruity and mellow, rich dried fruits, vanilla, cherry aroma. More minor barbecue taste.
Food collocation: game, meat, cheese
Drinking temperature: 16

Cielo 7 Moscato
No. 7, Dai Shi Lu Honey Foaming Wine
Region: Italy
Grape: muscadet
Type: semi sparkling wine
Alcohol: 7%
I sugar: 50 grams per liter
Comments: pale yellow color, elegant and delicate sparkling. The rich and delicate and fruity and typical muscadet musk. Light taste, fresh, fruity,
Bring you sweet and romantic feeling.
Food collocation: aperitif, spicy food, dessert
Drinking temperature: 8 -10 

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