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Summer cold wine and ice cream


Summer cold wine and ice cream

2015/09/23 09:55
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In the summer, when the French handmade ice cream in the case of wine, will produce what kind of wonderful feeling?


In the summer, when the French handmade ice cream in the case of wine, will produce what kind of wonderful feeling?
On the evening of July 24, at Jointek flagship store in Guangzhou, Chun Tak liquor and from French MA Leeds handmade ice cream co hosted the summer cold reception! A bold attempt to wine and ice cream subtle collocation, reception site Chun Tak liquor professional trainer Allen and on-site guests tasting together, experience a return to natural originality of Ma Leeds ice cream and Jointek selected wine special collocation, ice cream flavor and taste and wine aroma and single Ning mutual fusion, bring together a strange taste feast!
Cielo 7 Moscato
No. 7, Shi Lu Honey Foaming Wine Dai
Italy Region:
Muscadet Grape:
Semi sparkling wine Type:
Alcohol: 7%
Sugar: grams 50 per liter I
Pale yellow color elegant, and delicate sparkling. The rich and delicate and fruity and typical muscadet musk. Light taste Comments:, fresh, fruity,
You sweet and romantic feeling. Bring
Collocation: aperitif spicy, food dessert, Food
Temperature: Drinking 8 -10



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