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What is wine

2018/09/07 11:22
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Varieties of wine, because of the cultivation of grapes, wine production process conditions, the product style is different.

Varieties of wine, because of the cultivation of grapes, wine production process conditions, the product style is different.
Wine is generally according to the color of the wine, including the amount of sugar, containing no carbon dioxide and the use of the method to classify the brewing, foreign countries also have to use the origin, the name of the raw materials to classify.
Wine: according to the provisions of the international wine organization, wine can only be broken or not broken fresh grape fruit or juice completely or part of the alcohol fermentation to obtain the drink, the wine is generally between 8.5 degrees to 16.2 degrees, according to the latest wine standards GB15037-2006, wine is made from fresh grapes or grape juice as raw material, through all or part of the fermentation, alcohol is not less than 7% of alcoholic drinks. 



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