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Sparkling wine appreciation course


Sparkling wine appreciation course

Training Center
2018/09/07 11:25
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Sparkling wine professional appreciation course - cold cool summer and shared bubble

Sparkling wine professional appreciation course - cold cool summer and shared bubble

Hot summer, cool summer Jointek launched exclusive course, invite you dramas sparkling wine bring fresh moment. Curriculum with wine covers French champagne, Spanish cava, Italy blister, super cool experience in Jointek training center!! The price of this course is 208 yuan per person, WeChat enrollment minus 80, only 128 yuan / person!!
Sparkling wine world swaying, only belong to its smart symbol lets the human be elated, slender body of the cup, the unbroken bubbles, bring a particularly refreshing. Fall in love with sparkling wine may be in that a unique moment. Enjoying smart bubble rises, hearing the bubble jump, enjoying a refreshing refreshing taste, in the summer, with a cup of foaming, more of a joy! A bottle of champagne, Tim!

[time] July 18, 2015 afternoon 2:30-4:30
[location] 422 building M1 Hall (metro line five / six / / / / / 3 / F)
Course syllabus
1 sparkling wine is made.
2 the history of brewing sparkling wine
3 sparkling wine, the main producing areas, grape varieties and style to explain in detail
4 sparkling wine in different regions have what distinction
5 sparkling wine tasting

Course wine 

The white Prince foaming Wine LeBon (France)
Leblanc- Blanc de Blancs- Brut Henri
Wo Fu Martha classic slip Wine foaming (dry) (Spain)
Classic Cava Brut Vallformosa
Hosma (Italy) Wine bubble collection
Foss Marai Surfine Cuv e Brut
Champagne Thienot (France)
Thienot Classic Brut Champagne 

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